Friday, September 21, 2012

September Prompt Challenge

Hey everyone!  Just wanted to remind ya'll that tomorrow is this month's prompt challenge ... authors had about 20 pictures to choose from to create their stories.  Can't wait to see what everyone came up with!  As of right now, we have three signed up and this is what we know:

Title: We Were Born For *This*?
Summary: Four demi-gods from four different cabins. Two of "Big Three" blood, two not. Four hearts to break or keep whole. Lives to save and souls to lose. The battle and the aftermath that defines them all. Come see what Thalia, Luke, Annabeth and Percy really have to say!

Title: TBD

Title: Splash! The Sequel.
 Summary: The sequel to my story Splash. Dimitri, Rose, Elodie and Jaiden prepare for a new arrival. Using pictures 1, 11 and 17.

These are the pictures they had to choose from:

Friday, September 14, 2012

September Author Question of the Day: Friday

Keeping it simple, there’s a war to be waged (not really, it’s all in good fun!) and maybe these answers will give you something to enjoy while you read this weekend:  What songs are included on the soundtrack to your life?

bnjwl Don’t laugh, I swear I have an iTunes playlist called My Life. And I chose songs that are important to different parts of my life or make me think of different times or memories…I have over 300 songs on there. It is a mixture of every genre, every decade, every kind of artist. Music always has been so important to my life, starting with my parents, passed on to me and now to my kids as well. I listen to everything, name an artist and I can tell you at least one song by them I like! I write to music, music is always playing in my life.  

WhiteWolfLegend  Ohh... Funky Town, Somebody by Cold Chisel, Superstitious, Hit the Road Jack, sooo much much more.

loopylou992  Ooh... I Will Survive by Gloria Gaynor,  Timewarp (love Rocky Horror), Wind Beneath My Wings, Bette Midler. White Flag, Dido. Karma Killer, Robbie Williams, Who Wants to Live Forever, Queen.  To name but a few.

allienicole16  I have a WHOLE slew of things but I guess as of right now I would say This City by Patrick Stump, 50 ways to say Goodbye by Train, Pleasure Ryland by cobra starship, Wide Awake by Katy Perry, Fifteen by Taylor Swift, 99 Times by Kate Voegele and hmm Hot Mess by Cobra Starship. That's just to name a few. I have A LOT more.

Sound track of my life:

Black Coffee by Julie London
Skyscrapers by OKGO
Oxford Comma by Vampire Weekend
La belle et le bad boyoy MC Solaar
Wikked L'il Girlsby Esthero
Peacockby Katy Perry
Someone Like You by Adele
Is That All There Is by Peggy Lee
Red Red Wine by UB40

Looking forward to the Drabbles!!


Ana Fluttersby  
God, this too is hard! There are innumerable songs for me.

TwiLighT7242  HA! Another hard question. I guess, right now, those would be “Welcome to My Life” by Simple Plan, “Waiting For The End” by Linkin Park, “Famous Last Words” by My Chemical Romance, “Decode” and “Brick by Boring Brick” by Paramore, “Home” and “Beggin'” by Phillip Phillips, “House of the Rising Sun” by The Animals, “Zombie” by The Cranberries, “Some Nights” and “We Are Young” by FUN.:, “Fix You” by Coldplay, “The Fighter by Gym Class Heroes, “I Swear This Time I Mean It” by Mayday Parade, and "Stronger" by Kelly Clarkson... OKAAAY!! YOU’D STOP ME THERE IF I WERE YOU. :PP


Well, that wraps up this month’s round of getting to know the authors! Hope you’ve enjoyed discovering more about them and are all set for a weekend of reading!  On a final note... to the lovely TwiLighT7242:

Thursday, September 13, 2012

September Author Question of the Day: Thursday

It’s almost time!!  Hopefully you’ve alerted these fabulous ladies and are ready to get this show on the road (and you know it’ll be Friday somewhere before the day is over!) So, in the vein of disappearing into another world, the authors were asked:  If you could live in any cartoon world, which would it be and which character would you want to be?

bnjwl SpongeBob, cause come on it’s SpongeBob! I mean anything goes there and you just start all over again tomorrow…either that or Jem from the 80’s. She was Jerrica, the owner of Starlight Music by day and a rock star, Jem, by night…who doesn’t want that? Did that just tell my age? Oh well…

WhiteWolfLegend  My own world and my own character, maybe a land of sweets... but if I have to choose a cartoon world, but still have it slightly normal, I'd say the movie of who framed roger rabbit and be his wife jessica... 

loopylou992  Fraggle Rock! Have you seen my AVI? I love Red Fraggle, always happy and bouncing just wish RL was that easy.

allienicole16  Ha okay this is going to sound really silly but my daughter is 2 and loves Phineas and Ferb. So if there was any world I could live in that would be the one. All the crazy things those brothers do. I would never get bored! Plus just watching the sister try to get them caught would be amusing for a while. My daughter has us addicted to that cartoon. 

quietdrabble  I would have to choose The Pink Panther as my cartoon world, and of course I would be The Pink Panther. I love that there are no words, no unnecessary inane chatter, just his sly, witty, pink persona. It speaks volumes.

Ana Fluttersby  “Knights of the Zodiac” and I´d be any character Seiya was interested in fucking when he grows up.  I have repeatedly said I´m a bit crazy. Deal.

TwiLighT7242  Wow, that’s a very hard question. *snickers* Maybe if I’m gonna categorize it, if I would be a Disney princess I’d either be Mulan or Ariel, and then Blossom of Power Puff Girls, Mickey Mouse, Timmy Turner of Fairy Odd Parents, Aang of Avatar, Winnie the Pooh, Peter Pan, and/or Shinichi Kudo of Detective Conan.... *sighs* this is probably longer so I’m just gonna cut it there :P

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

September Author Question of the Day: Wednesday

It’s hump day!!  And as we all know how inspirational fanfic can be, thought today would be an appropriate day to ask:   What are you reading now? In other words, what story do you want to rec?

bnjwl I can not say enough about Holding On and Letting Go by Jenny0719, Caged by Savage7289, most of jonesn353402’s stories, anything by cosmogirl7481, CaraNo and Chloe Masen…is that enough, LOL?!?! It looks like I’m into a lot of numbers too, who knew!

WhiteWolfLegend   I am currently reading a fic that’s not out yet, but I will recommend Waterfall Beginnings by Bell1, anything by mama4dukes and Speklez...

loopylou992  Ghostly Double by DreamofRob10. A Twin Thing by Yulliah. The Twelve Week Hunt by MasonCullen and Weather the Storm by SexyLexiCullen. Ace by Nothingwrongwithimperfection. Amongst many that I am slipping behind on reading.

allienicole16 Oh god I'm reading so many things. Well Kismet on TWCS is freaking amazing. Cat just had this way with words that's down right amazing.
Lost Half by LyricalKris is so good too. That's one that's just sucked me in and won’t let go. I find myself reading that at work way too often.
My beta Mizzdee has this little story called An Eternity to Love that just, ah that's an amazing one.
Yeah those are the ones that have me sucked in at the moment.

quietdrabble  How to Paint a House is the story I drop everything to read when it updates.

Ana Fluttersby   I recommend anything Shay Savage has written. Right now, I´m addicted to Caged. I´m currently reading Offside, and can´t stop long enough to actually finish writing my own story. And my absolute favorite from her, so far, is Transcendence. I´m absolutely obsessive when it comes to reading, sorry.

TwiLighT7242  I haven’t been able to read nowadays, but I’d like to recommend reading “Beyond Me” by PattzCougar. I’ve been betaing it so I’m sure you’re gonna like it lol.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

September Author Question of the Day: Tuesday

Today’s question is something a little different, a little quirky.  We asked the authors... What food did you love as a child but do not eat now?

bnjwl Ramen noodles…okay that’s not true, I eat them now but only occasionally and I have to cook them cause everyone else makes them too mushy!

WhiteWolfLegend such a random question, but it would have to be pickles and onions *turns up nose* I LOVED PICKLES and then when i hit like 13-14 i hated those green ugly things like a passion

loopylou992  Erm... Nothing! I actually eat things now that I would refuse as a child -weird eh!

allienicole16  Oh god I used to really love pizza rolls. I would come home from school at like 3 in the afternoon and snarf down like half a bag of those things. Now I don’t even look at the things. They make me queasy just thinking about them lol. 

quietdrabble  I used to love Fun Dip and other sugary treats. Now they make me shudder with how sweet they are. LOL But my kids love them!

Ana Fluttersby  None, if anything I eat more things now. For instance, when I was little I didn´t care much for fast food or sweets and desserts, but now I really have to struggle to make myself stop eating them.

TwiLighT7242  Hmm... I think that food would be a Filipino food called “Balot”. It’s a boiled unborn baby duck’s egg (I’m veeeeryy good at descriptions lmao *wink wink*). Now I never want to eat it especially when I remember that moment three years ago when my younger sister showed me the baby duck’s formed beak along with that fucking head. UGH!!!! But I assure you, since I can still remember the taste of it, that it’s delicious.

Monday, September 10, 2012

September Author Question of the Day: Monday

Hello all you drabble enthusiasts, we’re back for the September edition of the War of the Words!  We’re going to do this a little differently this time, instead of a full interview with each author (let’s face it, life has gotten busier as school has started again) I’m going to hit up each author with a Question of the Day over this week, leading up to launch day, September 14th.

To start us off, for our first question, each of the participating authors were asked to tell us about their entries and where to find them!


  • Title: Every Other Weekend
  • Pairing: Edward and Bella
  • Summary: Every other weekend I deliver my children to their father, I watch as they drive away. I hate to see them go, especially their father…how do I tell the man I left, the man I divorced that I still love him? How do I live seeing him for a few minutes every other weekend?
  • Profile link where you will post: bnjwl on
  • Banner  Made by the lovely Ellie Wolf in the Adoptable Banners group on Facebook


  • Title: The Miracle on Green Mile
  • Pairing: Ed/Bella
  • Summary: Bella is the first ever woman in charge for what she does, the head officer on the Green Mile, Death Row. When a certain Emmett McCarty comes to her row, things change and her outlook on life will never be the same.
  • Profile link where you will post: WhiteWolfLegend on

  • Banner:



  • Title: Suitcase
  • Pairing: Alice & Jasper
  • Summary: Alice returns home early and is greeted by a sight which makes her heart stop, Jaspers suitcase in the hall. Inspired by Emile Sande's song of the same name.A
  • Profile link where you will post: loopylou992 on


  • Title: One More Night
  • Pairing: E/B
  • Summary: Bella and Edward have a very horrible relationship. He screams, she screams, they throw things, door get slammed. Just all around bad. Finally they've just had it and they both decide just one more night. But he's said this thousands of times before. Can he actually do it this time. It's based on the Maroon 5 song of the same name. One More Night by Maroon 5
  • Profile link where you will post:  allienicole16 on


  • Title: The Body Artist by quietdrabble
  • Pairing: Edward and Bella
  • Summary: Seduction and sex mingle with art and emotions, causing a potential scandal of mass proportions to ensue. Edward is a New York artist, and Isabella is an enigma that changes everything.
  • Profile Link for (ffnet): quietdrabble on
  • Banner: 

Ana Fluttersby  This is story a challenge for me. As I have said before, smut is not my forte, but I’m stubborn like that and I’ll strive to conquer it.
  • Title: The Strength Of Destiny
  • Pairing: Edward and Bella
  • Summary: They have met and had sex in multiple occasions, but they don´t know each other´s names or contact information. They are leaving it to chance.
  • Profile link where you will post: Ana Fluttersby on


  • Title: How to Attain Perfect Happiness
  • Pairing: Bella and Edward
  • Summary: 25-year-old writer Bella decides to take a break from her career by flying to a country she's never been to, a few more weeks earlier than her bride-to-be best friend, Alice, expects her to arrive. But, tell me, how can a person enjoy her vacation when she gets stuck with a very big BLAST from the past, and gets bombarded with wedding plans and errands? Will she be able to find the happiness she's looking for?
  • Profile link where you will post: TwiLighT7242 on

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