Saturday, April 20, 2013

April Drabble Warriors Are Here!

Hello again Drabble Lovers!

We are five days away for the next war to begin and we are pretty excited about this month's participants  This month we have a mano a mano between two amazing authors and we are pretty excited for you to read their stories! So, let's get to meet them, shall we?

These questions were submitted by member of the Drabble War Forum on facebook. Thanks to: Leigh, Samantha, Christina, Loopy, Kris, Ana and Audrey for submitting a question, we wish we could ask all of the questions you guys posted, but unfortunately we can't. Thank you for submitting and I hope you come back with more questions for the next month's drabble.

So, let's meet our warriors participating in this month's duel, the two have participated before and are now returning for another battle of the words, here they are... MonaRider and krazi4TwiSaga!

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