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January Authors Interview

Well, dear drabble readers, since this January two of our admins will be going to war, we'll make the interviews an itty bitty different…

We let members at the DW Facebook Group ask the questions, giving them the opportunity to know more about this month's warriors.

And we are starting with one of our new administrators, Ana.

Ana: Let´s see… I´ll begin with some oldie but goody. What is the first thing you ever wrote? When was that?

MinaRivera: LOL It was a Mother’s Day poem when I was five, my mom still has it stored somewhere around. For fanfiction, I wrote a one-shot for a group contest three years ago, it was pretty dark, but I had fun writing it.

Ana: What was it called? And, can you link us, Mina?

MR: oh boy, it was titled Kyrie Eleison and it comes with a major tissue warning... Here's the link:

Ana: .::pulling first tissue from box::.

MR: should I have mentioned there is no HEA? *snickers*

Ana: Oh, lord...

Ana: Sarah? Micaela? .::taps foot::.

Sarah [Sway in the Moonlight]: The first thing I ever wrote was a story for Danny Phantom. Y'know. The cartoon on Nickelodeon about a boy that becomes half ghost? It was canceled in... 2007, I believe? If you don't know what I'm talking about, you can Google it. Anyway, I had just watched a special DP episode and afterwards I wanted to write something involving Danny and Sam, because I shipped them so hard, it's not even funny. This was back in...2008, I think. My grammar was so atrocious, omg. I found the notebook I wrote the story in a couple years ago and had planned to rewrite and edit and make it pretty, but I lost it and the story, and I can't remember where I was even going with it.

Ana: Of course I know DP, I have kids! It´s a shame you lost it,  that sounds cute.

Sarah: LOL when I first found the notebook and read the 8 chapters I wrote, I kept facepalming myself so hard. Everything I nitpick about when I read fic, I did every last one of them as a writer. Thank God I've gotten better.

Ana: We´ve all gone though that... .::giggles::.

MR: Oh my god, I know what you mean! LOL What about you, Micaela?

Doc Annie: I have a question! but I'll wait for all authors to answer the first one.

Micaela [Narnianicsunite]: a journal in elementary school. Fan fic wise, I think something for LOTR years ago that I pulled down. 

Ana: Well, Doc, you can now ask your question!

Doc Annie: Okay! here's my question: When writing a lemon for your story, which POV is easier for you to write, then man's or the woman's?

MR: surprisingly, the guy's! I'm a slash author as well, so I'm used to writing lemons in a guy's pov. But when I'm writing a het fic, I tend to write on the girl's pov, but doesn't flow as easily. *shrugs* Freud would probably say I have "penis envy" LOL 

Ana: Bahahaha... in a trail chez BOH, we recently discovered that we have been over-estimating male orgasm intellect...

Micaela: haven't actually written any yet *gasp* but I'm hoping to maybe remedy that with this month's entry at some point, somehow.

Sarah: I think, for me, writing lemons in a man's POV is easiest because, again for me, it's more fun. Especially if I'm writing slash. Plus, I sometimes wonder what it'd like to be a guy for that exact reason, so...

Ana: So, Micaela, Mina, Sarah... what are your stories about and who should read them?

Sarah: Mine is... I can't give too much away without spoiling it. Basically, for one, it's told from Edward's POV. For another, he's been... I wouldn't say "dating" exactly, but he's... "involved" with his brother's girlfriend, whose name remains a mystery until... whenever. Close to the end, maybe. It's dramatic, for sure. As for who should read it? lol, it's based on sex, so probably no one under 18.

MR: Mine is a self discovery kinda of tale, Bella catches her husband cheating on her and then a chance to get out of her routine comes in the form or a Parisian Madame. I think it's a funny story in a way and very romantic, Edward is quite charming in it, not really graphic, but there are lemons. Anyone looking for a nice fic to read and relax can read it, no angst will be found there!

Micaela: Mine is not A Twilight fic, it's a BBC Robin Hood fic. It's actually more a collection of one shots about the Outlaws Will Scarlet and Djaq (whose real name is Saffiya as she is disguising herself as a boy and using her dead twin brother's name) and their love and relationship. Some one-shots will be inter connected, others not and they may be set in any time period. It's basically my contribution to the Will/Djaq community. As for readership, well anyone can read it, but you might not understand some of the references made if you've never seen the show. It's very cute and sweet but some chapters might have some readers reaching for a tissue or two.. And I apologize for that. However some of is the show's fault as they wrote these two pretty people out after the s2 finale and I'm just working within the BBC's parameters. Some of that, however, is my fault. But yeah, Will/Djaq love, sweetness and happiness. Anyone can read this entry, although I will put warnings on the chapters which may have some graphic content of any sort. You can skip these if you want, and still follow the story.

And that's all for now! Keep a look out on the blog for more and don't forget to check out all the stories. 

Happy reading everyone! 

Let's get ready to Drabble!


This year had brought a lot of changes, Bella and Jess had to step down and had handed the reins of the wars to three new admins.

They have participated in the drabbles as authors before and now here they are willing to continue this crazy yet amazing event.

Big round of applause for:

Mina (MinaRivera)

Here we are, ready to get started with the first Drabble War of 2013. This month we have a small group, but very eager to participate, including two of our administrators!

Introducing this month's authors...

Author: Narnianicsunite

Story Title: Somehow I know I'll get up and go when ever he calls my name.
Fandom and Pairing: BBC Robin Hood and Will Scarlet/Djaq

Rated: T (BC it's BBC Robin Hood and there is going to be violence and blood and that sort of thing)
Summary: Will Scarlet and Djaq. The English Carpenter Outlaw and The Saracen Woman Outlaw. Sweet-hearts who couldn't admit their love for each other to each other until they thought they'd die. This is a collection of one-shots dedicated to Will and Djaq. Anything from show setting to AU to modern world to futuristic. Some oneshots will be interconnected, others will not be. POV switches will happen so read the opening A/N's to find out the POV and narrator. Please enjoy this collection.

Author: Sway in the Moonlight

Story Title: One More Night
Fandom and Pairing: Twilight, and I can't tell you. ;)
Rated: M, for obvious reasons.

Summary: He knows it's wrong, that they shouldn't be doing this. She's his brother's girl, but he had her first. "Try to tell you 'no,' but my body keeps telling you 'yes.'" Inspired by the Maroon 5 song of the same name.

Author: Mina Rivera

Fandom and Pairing: Twiligh - Bella/Edward
Story Title: Life, Love & Madame Esme
Rated: M for language and lemons.
Summary: January 2013 Drabble War Entry - Isabella is a writer, whose life is thrown into disarray when her husband leaves her for another woman. To escape her routine life, she accepts an assignment to interview a Parisian Madame, whom she believes is running a brothel. But Isabella will soon discover that there are more facets to love and romance, especially when Madame Esme selects her as her next project. 

Go check out their stories and don't forget that all participants are amateur writers...real people with real feelings taking time out of their lives to write for your entertainment. While constructive criticism is always appreciated, negativity is not. It's a free world and you are welcome to read whatever suits your fancy...if you are not enjoying what you are reading, please just walk away rather than leave a rude review. 

Let's keep this fun and friendly for all parties involved!

Now, why are you still here? The war is on.... Go. Read. Be sure to leave the authors some love as you’re reading to say thanks to them for writing for your entertainment... for FREE!

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