Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Picture Prompt Challenge!

Who's ready to write?!!!

Rachel and I are upping the challenge once again... we’re busting out the visuals! For this Picture Prompt Challenge you will not have unlimited time to plan and write, this is a quick put on your thinking cap and let the creative juices flow! As always...there will not be a definitive winner...other than the readers who get more amazing stories!


1. NO LIMIT on number of authors participating...just sign up by adding your FF author profile link at the bottom of this doc in the sign up area. Just like with the monthly "war" docs, as you decide your title and summary (and then story link), please come back to this doc to add them under your profile link.

2. You have approximately TWO WEEKS to write your drabble.

3. Drabbles should post in their entirety on ONE WEEKEND...BEGINNING FRIDAY, MAY 26TH. So keep this in mind when you are writing, these should be short-ish drabbles.

4. You are welcome to get a banner for your drabble and add it to the album with the appropriate Challenge Banner.

5. Now for the twist...your prompt. Normally we give you a single word as your theme or prompt, this time we are giving you pictures... 12 to be exact... you may choose to use up to 3 of the provided pictures to base your story on. Please let us know which pictures you are using in your summary.


Ready, Set, Write!!!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Author Interview with I Drive Like a Cullen16!

Rachel and I are back with the final author in the May Drabble War... I Drive Like a Cullen16... we hope you had a great time getting to know these ladies and reading their Drabble’s and we hope to see you back here next month!

Jess - So, When and what did you first write?

Malin - I started writing a couple years ago. I had this plot bunny in my head that just wouldn't go away, which is now a completed story called 'Sold Into Love'.

Rachel - That’s great, make sure you all check out Sold Into Love! Now Malin, if you could select to be any food, what would it be?

Malin - Hmmmm... I'd have to say bacon. It's delicious and everyone loves bacon.

Jess - Haha, another original answer... I love bacon!

Rachel - *snorts* of course you do Jess... Now, can you tell us about your May Drabble story, Malin?

Malin - My drabble is about Bella, the owner of a little coffee shop, and when this guy (we all know it's Edward) who's been attacked and stabbed breaks in. In typical Bella fashion, she takes pity on him and lets him stay with her. He pays her kindness back by playing his guitar at her coffee shop every night. But Edward's not all that he says he is...

Rachel - Sounds like it’s going to be really good and a bit of a mystery!

Jess - For sure... but now it’s time for a juicy question... What is one of the most embarrassing situations you have been in?

Malin - There are too many to chose from. Seriously, I was super clumsy before Bella made it cute. My most recent embarrassing moment would be when I tripped and nearly landed on my face in the grocery store in front of a shit load of people.

Jess - *snickers* love the visual Rachel.

Rachel - I try! LOL! So what about relationship status? Any kiddos?

Mallin - I have a boyfriend who puts up with a lot of my craziness, and no kids.

Jess - It always helps to have someone who puts up with your crazy... That’s what I have Rachel for. lol.

Rachel - oh darlin’ you are very crazy indeed, but, i’ll happily put up with it... afterall you put up with my crazy too. Here comes Jess’ favorite question, which super power would you like to have and why?

Malin - I'd want the power to shape-shift into whoever I want, whenever I want, because then I could look like Heidi Klum or someone whenever. And it may or may not have something to do with being able to turn into Kristen to get to Rob... *innocent face*

“Of course it’s me, Rob, Kristen... nobody else...”

Jess - bwahahaha... that’s great! I think I like that even more than being invisible.

Rachel - *gasp* really Jess? Something you like better than being invisible? I have to say though, it’s very clever.

Jess - So Malin, do you want to get/or are you published or do you just write FanFic for fun?

Malin - I've actually got an idea for a book of my own that I'm kind of working on and I would love to see it published one day. Though for now, I'm more writing fics for fun.

Rachel - Since it’s the last interview for this month... you know what this means, you're stuck with it one more time Jess... *gives Jess a pointed look*

Jess - *raises hands in surrender* Okay, okay... so Louise Favorite type of porn... to read, to watch, site to order goodies from?

Malin - Uh... Well, dirty fanfics are obviously my main source of porn. And I don't really have to order stuff, there's a little sex shop like a mile from where I live, so it makes things so much more convenient.

Rachel - Keeping it local... I like it!

Jess - What about your writing... Do you write for any other Fandoms?

Malin - I am a strict Twilight girl. I've tried writing for fandoms like Vampire Academy and The Mortal Instruments, but it feels all wrong.

Rachel - Can’t blame you there, I’ve only done one crossover and Jess has only done Twilight.

Jess - Yup, I am Twilight all the way... what about Tom or Jerry... which do you like better?

Malin - Jerry.

Jess - we had a split crowd on that one... I like both Tom and Jerry... lol...

Rachel - Me, too! So any stories you’d like to Rec?

Malin - I'm currently reading 'The Slowest Burn' by TypoKween and it's amazing. Plenty of hot lemons.

Rachel - Anther good Rec. So last question Malin and then you're off the hook. If you could choose one to celebrity to fuck...besides a Twilight cast member... who would it be?

Malin - Wow. Only one? I guess if I had to pick, I'd say Evan Peters. He's so damn hot in American Horror Story and I have a slight attraction to the crazy ones. Lol

Jess - Nice! Well that wraps it up... Rachel and I hope you all check out Coffee Shop Serenade and the rest of this month’s drabble war stories. Thanks to all the authors for sitting down to have a chat with us. See you next month!

Author Interview with Misguided Cullen!

Hope everyone is enjoying the drabbles! It’s time to meet a new author. This is her first time participating in a drabble war, so, let’s give a warm welcome to another one of our May participant’s, Misguided.Cullen. (You can visit her profile by clicking on her name)

Jess - Good morning and thanks for joining us Louise!

Rachel - *sips coffee and rubs sleepies from her eyes* G’mornin’ darlin’...

Louise - *bright eyed and bushy tailed from posting* Morning ladies!

Rachel - Thanks for joining us this moring Louise, how about we start with you telling us when and what you first wrote?

Louise - I started writing about a month ago, after SFFR had a plot bunny so I offered to write it! It's called Angry for Love. :3

Rachel - Just a fledgling then. Big props to you for jumping in and giving this a try. I hope it’s a fun weekend for you! We’ve been asking everyone, so we have to ask you too, if you could be any food, what would it be?

Louise - *looks at Rachel & Jess like they are nuts and then grins* I would be a bag of frozen peas 'cause they so chill.

Rachel - hahaha … nice answer!
Jess - Definitely original! So, Louise, can you tell us about your entry in the May war?
The Right Kind of Wrong

Louise - My entry is about Bella who is vacationing in London, mistakenly gives out a false name and deceives poor Edward, due to the encouragement of her best friends. Crazy, but kinda cute.

Jess - Oh, that sounds juicy.. lol.. can’t wait to check it out!

Rachel - Wow, crazy what your friends can make you do sometimes. *nudges Jess and winks*

Jess - *shoves Rachel back* We are not discussing how you are rubbing off on me right now *mumbles about not believing I am actually writing slash now* Louise...

Louise - *smiles* Yes?

Jess - This is one of our favorite questions this month... are you willing to share one of your most embarassing moments?

Louise - Probably when I shouted "fuck yeah, I know this" when answering a question in English Lit. and getting it completely wrong. Awkward!

*Rachel and Jess look around, trying not to laugh*

Rachel - That’s a different one... but on the bright side, I bet you NOW know it, and will never forget it! *giggles* So... are you in a relationship, have any kiddos... do we need to wish you a Happy Mother’s Day?

Louise - Single. No kiddies yet :D

Rachel - Ahhh... that explains why you are so happy and young looking!

Jess - Oh, let me ask the next one, I love this one!

Rachel - *laughs* Sure, go ahead, though I know you’re setting me up to ask that OTHER question a little later...

Jess - Ok Louise, if you could have any super power, what would it be?

Louise - The power to never gain weight and to turn fatty foods into healthy stuff. :)

Rachel - Oh snap! That would be fantastic! I like the way your mind works! So in that vein, do you write just for fun, or are you hoping to someday be published, if you aren’t already?

Louise - I love writing FanFic at the moment, but would love to get published one day.

Rachel - Okay, I get the porn question... Louise, your readers want to know... what’s your favorite kind of porn... you know, to read, watch or site to order those naughty goodies from?

Louise - FanFic is obviously full of lemons and the best porn, especially Fifty Shades of Grey ;D

Jess - Nice, so do you write for any other Fandoms?

Louise - Not really. I may do in the future, though.

Jess - Do you like Jerry or Tom?

Louise - Jerry.

Rachel - ANOTHER Jerry girl... poor Tom gets no love. Alrighty Louise, got any favorite fic recommendations you want to put out there?

Louise - Hit By Destiny by ocdmess is amazing! Terms and Conditions Apply by TheSaintsMistress is one of my favourites too!

Rachel - I’ve heard good things about HBD, hadn’t heard of Terms... *runs to add to the evergrowing TBR list*. Okay, one more question and we’ll let you get back to posting updates... If you could choose one celebrity to fuck... that is NOT a Twilight cast member... who would it be?

Louise - It would probably be... Alexander Skarsgard. He is just beyond words. ;)

Rachel - Oh my... you’ve got good taste. I definitely approve! LOL. And there we have it, another fabulous author with a fabulous story. Make sure ya’ll are reading The Right Kind of Wrong and leaving Louise some love, along with the other 5 drabblers! We’ll see ya’ll later today with our last interview for the May round of the war of the words!

Jess - It was great talking to you Louise... we’ll be back a little later with the last interview... :)

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Author Interview for HollBeth

So, is everyone excited to see the author interviews back?   It was great of Sandy over at Southern FanFiction Review to start the year off doing them for us, but we understand that real life takes precedence.  We’re hoping that we can continue the tradition and keep it fun and entertaining!  Are you ready to meet our next author from the May wars?  Put your hands together for *drum roll*  HollBeth!

Jess - Welcome to our interview room, Holly, we’ll jump in for now, though I’m sure it’ll get silly before we get done.  So... can you tell us when and what did you first write?

Holly - My very FIRST attempt was back in late elementary school/early junior high, where I began to pen my own "Sweet Dreams" romance.  On an electric typewriter, I might add.  I never finished it, though.  I've written ONE poem I'm proud of, but my first fanfiction was last fall with my story "Everything."  Read HERE

Rachel - I remember my old typewriter... wonder what ever happened to that thing?  Anyways, that’s really cool, so you’ve been writing for a while now!  Even if you just started sharing it with others... it’s a process, it takes courage to put yourself out there, so be proud of yourself!

Jess - Totally... it can be very nerve wracking posting your stuff.

Rachel - Okey dokes, moving the questions along... If you could select to be any food, what would it be?  We’ve had sweet and we’ve had naughty so far, what will you be?

Holly - I'd rather eat the food than BE the food, but...hmmm...tiramisu.  Sweet, sinful, rich, chocolatey, coffee, creamy...what’s not to like?  Everyone would want me!

Rachel - Oh dear, do you want to get me started on mixing food and pleasure?  *looks off dreamily*

Jess- *snaps fingers in front of Rachel*  Why don’t you tell us about your entry for the Drabble War, Holly?

Holly - I'm finding most of my story ideas come from songs, and "Love Soon" is no different.  It's the story of a younger man and an older woman.  She's freaked out, he is not, and he has his work cut out to convince they're not just playing around - they're meant to be.  "Love Soon" is one of John Mayer's very early songs, and is, I believe, a personal experience of his.  The song is sweet and unassumingly sexy to me.  I really loved the idea of the young person in the relationship having more confidence and conviction than the more "mature" person in the relationship, and how that could play out.  This Edward knows what he wants, but he knows what she wants to - he just has to get her to let go of assumptions, inhibitions, and the constant worry of what others may think.

Rachel - That sounds very intriguing!  Can’t wait to dive in :)

Read Love Soon HERE

Listen to Love Soon HERE

Rachel - *looks at question sheet*  What is one of the most embarrassing situations you have been in?  *grins*  Don’t hold back, we’re getting some great answers for this one!

Holly - *looks around nervously*  My family found a VHS tape of me singing along with Madonna's "Blond Ambition" songs, trying to look like some night club siren.  It was...mortifying.  ERASE YOUR VHS IF YOU DON'T WANT THEM FOUND!!!   8)

Jess -  Okay, Holly... time for some dirt... Relationship status? Kiddos?

Holly - I've been married for 14 years to a wonderful man, and we have two boys, aged 12 and 6.

Rachel - That’s so sweet!  Congratulations, you don’t see many long standing marriages these days, so you must be doing something right (wink, wink).  So with two boys in the house, this next question should be an easy one to answer! Which super power would you like to have and why?

Holly -  Oooh, this came up in a "Loaded Questions" game, and I can't remember what I said.  I'm sure I would choose either invisibility, mind-reading, or flying.  To curb my indecision, I'll say that today I feel more like I'd want to be invisible.

Rachel - Invisibility-3
            All the other super powers- 1

Holly - I know!  I saw that, but I have to say - mind reading?  You take the bad right along with the good, and I’m not sure I’d want that weighing on me.  Look what it did to Edward!

Jess - YES!! I mean who doesn’t want to be invisible?? Okay, we wanna know...  do you want to get/or are you published or do you just write FanFic for fun?

Holly - I'd love to think I could write something publishable, and I have an idea for that that does not involve fanfiction.  Whether I can make it happen is another thing, but I would love to.  I am not published, and I only just started fanfic as a way to test out whether I can write anything worth reading.  So far, so good!

Rachel - Sounds like a good plan and approach!  Kudos to you darlin’!

Jess- *glares at tb for sticking me with the porn question again* … um... so what’s your favorite type of porn... to read, to watch, site to order goodies from?

Holly - I watched porn a loooong time ago, but it's honestly so silly to me.  I've found now that I prefer erotica/fiction to the visual stuff.  And as far as that goes, anything goes - I had no idea I'd enjoy m/m or f/f slash, threesomes, poly, BDSM, or kink, but apparently, I do!  I've never been prudish sexually, and have been open to anything, but I didn't expect that I'd find all of it hot.  But I do.  ;)  As for goodies?  Here we go.  I have a feeling I'll catch all Hell for this, but...I don't own ANY toys, I never have owned any toys, and I don't intend to ever purchase any toys.  I just never have seen the need.  They were never on my radar, and to be blunt/TMI, my right hand has never let me down.  It was not until Twilight fanfiction that I realized I am probably the only female who doesn't and never has owned a toy of any kind.  I have also learned I'm probably the only who CAN'T come if you start messing with my...lower...parts...during sex.  It's too distracting.  Yeah, I think I got off-topic!  Feel free to delete... ;)

Rachel - Delete?  *looks at Jess*  She thinks we’re going to delete an answer that great!  There’s no such thing as TMI by the way... hehe.   Hmm... *wonders if I should encourage Holly to go take a look at bdsmplaypen.com*  

Jess - *snickers* you’re too much tb... sorry Holly I, um... we, yea we couldn’t find the delete button.... so moving on...  do you write for any other Fandoms?

Holly - Wow!  I’m surprised I didn’t get any “You must have toys” lectures!  I fully expected it!  And there’s no TMI in my world, either.  *types in bdsmplaypen.com* Oh, my...  What?  Oh, on to the question!  Nope.  I am a hardcore Potter fan, and I REFUSE to read any fanfic for HP.  For some reason, it's okay to screw with Edward and Bella, but I want to leave my HP kiddos alone!   I'm serious about the toys, y'all. Can I ask something?

Rachel - Sure thing!  And for the record, if you wanted to someday try out Potter fic, I would totally suggest For the Potion Master's Amusement by snape.submiss... It’s a Snape/Hermione bdsm fic that is out of this world!

Holly - Doesn't the buzzing and junk distract? I mean, I feel like that would totally take me out of the moment or something!

Rachel - hehe... when it's inside you don’t really hear the buzzing... just sayin’!

Holly - Never thought of that... ;)

Rachel - And it doesn’t sound like power tools.. it's a low buzz.

Holly - Oh, GAH - a Snape BDSM? I don't know if I can see him that way!!!  Bwahaha - power tools! Maybe that's it - I'm imagining buzz-saw sounds!

Rachel - *snickers at that image*

Jess - Sorry for leaving you guys hanging, remember the two year old? Yeah, today it was grape juice all over the carpet.  Okay Holly, here comes the important one... do you like Jerry or Tom?

Holly - You'll probably hate this, but I admire them both.  I DO think, though, that Tom gets the short end of the stick most of the time, and often undeservedly so.  So I tend to have more sympathy for him.

Rachel - Oh!  Stay right there, I’ve got the perfect pic for that answer!  *runs off cackling*

Jess - *giggles* that’s perfect tb... time for more good stuff... what are a few stories you’d like to Rec?

Holly - *LMAO* at the Tom and Jerry pic!  Does that mean I’m old?  Anyway...  Anything I'd rec would probably be stories everyone has read already because they're amazing.  So I'll pull out a few, but these are by no means my only favorites: Pocket Change by aWhiteBlankPage, Volition by Rochelle Allison, Falling Beyond Redemption by Aleeab4u, The Weight of Words by georgegirl, Firefly in Summer by primarycolors, Beyond Time by TKegl...honestly, I could go on and on.  Visit my favorites list and you will not be disappointed with what you find - there's fluff, humor, angst, drama, romance, vampires, human, everything.

Rachel - Just fyi, her profile is linked at the beginning of the interview so it’ll be easy for you to go check her favorites!

Jess - Okay, one more juicy one and then you’re free to go... If you could choose one to celebrity to fuck...besides a Twilight cast member... who would it be?

Holly - ONE?  Geez...okay.  Um...I wish we had categories to name from, because picking just one is HARD!  I'll just go with my very first, original teen crush that has never left me.  He was the first celebrity I ever went gaga over, and I don't go gaga over very many.  Johnny Depp.

Rachel - Totally on board with you on that one darlin’... I didn’t do the teen crush thing either, but I did have Johnny on my wall!

Jess - We’ve reached the end... you know what that means... you *points at the readers* make sure to check out Love Soon.  TB and I will see you for the next interview tomorrow... and make sure you check out all these great stories this weekend... Thanks for chatting with us Holly!

Holly - Thank you, ladies!  I feel like one of the cool kids!  

Author Interview with Twiddler83

Today we welcome another veteran drabbler, Twiddler83. Twiddler83 is also nominated in the Eclipse Awards for her February drabble entry, Southern Honey, in the category of Best Romance-Drabble. Voting is open through the 14th here Shall we learn a little more about the delightful Mandi and see what her creative brain has thought up this time?

Rachel - First off, welcome and hello Mandi, so glad you could visit with us! Let’s start with a little history, can you share when and what you first wrote?

Mandi - Hey guys, thanks for having me! My first story was Dancing Away with My Heart and I started posting it last year. Having a baby at that time put a stick in the mud with the updating. I plan on picking back up the chapter updates.

Jess - It happens... I think we all know the feeling at some point or another... :)

Rachel - Well, we all have real lives so it’s understandable and forgivable! As another possible escape from that real life, let me ask, if you could select to be any food, what would it be?

Mandi - It would totally be potatoes. I am obsessed. Any type any way. I am a potato-aholic


Rachel - That is a totally unique answer and I love it!

Jess - mmmm.... tb you need to stop with the potato pics when I haven’t had eaten yet... lol... besides... now I kinda wanna sing the banana potato song again... but I’ll spare you guys... and have Amanda tell us about her entry for the Drabble War.

Rachel - Can I sing the Hot Potato song instead? *gasps as Jess flips me off* Guess not...

Mandi - I love baseball and men with fantastic butts that fill those pants. I played fast pitch sb for years...now that I'm old and retired I decided to write about one of my favorite sports. Plus I live in Saint Louis and opening days are crazy here.

Jess - Nice, I can’t wait to read it... and I love your banner btw... *giggles*... so how about something juicy, what is one of the most embarrassing situations you have been in?

Rachel - Excuse me, sorry, Jess, of course you love the banner... it’s another one of your originals!

Mandi - And I love it... it’s been no secret, I’ve been sleeping with it! Anyways, to answer your question, when I saw one of my ex boyfriends and it had been a while, and I could have swore his name was something different. Um yeah... whoops

Rachel - Relationship status? Any kiddos?

Mandi - Married with two kiddos...11 months and 7. Both girls. My poor hubby is surrounded by estrogen! I guess that's why we have boy dogs...trying to even the playing field.

Rachel - That’s quite the age gap in the girls... and I feel for your husband, he’s going to be dealing with hormones for quite a while... lol!

Jess - Ohh.... my favorite question again... which super power would you like to have and why?

Mandi - Read people's minds honestly. I would love to know what people really think about me.

Jess - YAY!... something different... but I bet you maybe wanna be invisible too... lol... but reading minds would be so cool! So, tell us... do you want to get/or are you published or do you just write FanFic for fun?

Rachel - That would be super cool! *looks at Jess... cat, looks at Mandi... sex*

Mandi - I write for fun! There is no way I would use this fantastic fandom for something more than a personal gain in my RL!

Jess - *snickers and zips lips* Will not bring up THAT subject in a drabble interview... NEXT!

Rachel - Okay, I keep making Jess ask this one (personally, I think it’s good for her... I figure if she asks enough, she’ll get curious enough to finally start watching it!) ANYWAYS... inquiring minds want to know all about your favorite type of porn... to read, to watch, site to order goodies from?

Mandi - Adam and Eve, I even use Amazon (sex toys)! I went to a toy party and instead of buying their outrageously priced shit, my friend and I amazon.com'd it and got the stuff we wanted for a fourth of the price! yay for cheap-o's!

Rachel - Nice to know you appreciate a good tool! I take it you’re keeping your lips zipped on your favorite films and erotica?

*Mandi blushes and nods her head*

Rachel - Fine, we’ll let you off the hook and change the subject...Do you write for any other Fandoms?

Mandi - Nope sure don't.

Jess - Time for the most important question...

Rachel - More important than the porn question?

Jess - *nods* Oh most definitely! Do you like Jerry or Tom?

Mandi - I hate mice, so Tom.

Jess - haha... ok seriously, an important one this time... any stories you’d like to Rec?

Mandi - I would totally have to rec... Seattle Express by Witchy! LOVE IT!!! UNF! Shamrocks and Shenanigans... by Mathisson and the final one...And not just because it's you JA... Don't Go Gently Into the Night...soooo good! OH...and The Most Eligible Bachelor by Lost In Fanfiction.

Jess - *blushes* Thanks bb... and those other rec’s are great too! So, if you could choose one to celebrity to fuck...besides a Twilight cast member... who would it be?

Mandi - Justin Timberlake...because anyone that can dance like he does, has to be great at fucking!!!! hahahaa!!!

Rachel - Is it getting hot in here? I think it is, which means it’s time to wrap this up and go cool down... but while Jess and I do that, ya’ll go on and check out Lucky Strike... come on, it’s Edward in those tight baseball pants!

Jess - mmm hmm... maybe he’ll go after a lot of grounders and we’ll get to picture him bent over... *lick lips* Okay folks... another one bites the dust... so make sure you go and check out Lucky Strike and tb and I will see you back here for another interview later today.

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