Pic Prompt Challenge

Dive in, Bloodthirsty Leeches by MonaRiderFF & BeckaBoo
Summary: Bella and Alice have been best friends forever but once they met Edward and Jasper it seemed they never had time for one another until the end when they hardly knew one another.


Bedtime Stories by Simply TwiMum

Summary: Alices Daddy promised to finish her favourite Bedtime Story but he has to leave for work, so Alice decides to take the story to him, meeting lots of characters on the way.


Bethany's Voice by TrueEnglishRose

Summary: While  on a much needed vacation, Bella discovers that it’s not easy to leave  work behind... and that this time, she doesn’t really mind. An endearing  tale of trust, growth and love... all because of one special little  girl.


Inevitable by Shahula Fics

Summary: I wanna be your last, first love (that you'll ever have)…Till you're lying here beside me with arms and eyes open wide…  I wanna be your last, first kiss… AH, Fluff, BxE, Rated M (using pics 2,7,8)


Loner by Shades Of Purple84

Summary: Leah is alone because she doesn't want anyone to know her secret.  Her secret admiration of one of the closest people in her life, Claire. Rated M


Not Without You by CullensTwiMistress
Summary: One event changes things. How many lives have to suffer? Drabble War Prompt Challenge: Pictures 6 and 9. BxE. M (Dark Themes) Angst/Tragedy


Across the Line by Lost Twi Sisters
Summary: Bella meets Edward, but what she does know is who he is and what he does. But Edward knows the lines that he's crossing when he makes the decision to be with her. Many factors are against them. Will their love be enough? or will the lines be too strong?

Behind-The-Scenes by TwiLighT7242

Summary: Bella Swan earned her place in Hollywood by screenwriting and directing the movie debut of Black and Blue's band vocalist, Jasper Whitlock. What happens when two years later, Edward Cullen, Jasper's best friend and bandmate, becomes her leading man, on-screen... and off-creen? AxJ, EmxR, and eventually ExB


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