The New House by Ana Fluttersby (formerly Anabella Cullen P)
Summary:  August Drabble Wars entry. What would you do if a ghost falls in love with your boyfriend; she ll even get in your bed. Moving out is not an option.

In Plain Sight by MinaWritesSlash
Summary: When Jasper finds out his sister is dead, he knows that there's more than meets the eye behind the events. With a degenerative eyesight condition, Jasper will try to uncover what really happened that stormy night, while at the same time trying to adapt to a world of darkness. Slash/Thriller/Angst

Sticks & Stones (TWCS)by TrueEnglishRose
Summary: "Sticks and stones may break our bones... but Bella will surely kill us."
What happens when an overprotective father sends his innocent baby girl to a private self-defense course run by a gay man?  Oh if he only knew what he was paying for!  Edward and Jasper aren't the only ones who have something to teach, seems Bella does as well... the art of patience.
Poly/slash included.

The Fixer by Sway in the Moonlight
Summary: They say nice guys finish last. Well, Edward Cullen's the ultimate "nice guy." So nice, in fact, that he's made a career of it. Or at least... he used to be. Nice, that is. Being a gentleman can take its toll after a while.

A Soldier's Heart by Twi-Mom12292005
Summary: My entry in the August Drabble Wars. It's a First for me. A husband and wife share their love, thought and day to day events through letters, emails. One's in the military the other is the stay at home spouse. better summary inside.

The Experiments by TwiLighT7242 FF & TWCS
Su mmary: In the late '80s, nestled in the olympic peninsula, seven families in a small town named Forks, were blessed with twins. Eighteen years later, these teenagers aren't as ordinary as they once thought.


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