Saturday, September 28, 2013

September's Lone Drabble Warrior

Hello, Drabble Lovers!

We have a big surprise for you all! This month we got one author that wanted to participate on the Drabble Wars. She was so excited to do this, that we just couldn't say no to her.

These questions were submitted by members of the Drabble War Forum on facebook. Thanks to everyone that submitted a question, we wish we could ask all of the questions you guys posted, but unfortunately we can't. Thank you for submitting.

It's time to meet our Lone Warrior, so let's give it up for Cloemarrie!

Why did you decide to participate this month in the Drabble Wars? 
I joined the drabble wars to branch out of my comfort zone and do something fun. Beside I LOVE challenges and drabbles, to me, are challenging AND being the Lone Warrior is so cool!!!! Hmmm...makes me think back to my childhood.

What was the first thing you wrote and when? 
When I was about eight years old I'd written a song titled "Rainbow" that's one thing I love to do the most is write emotional. I put my heart into writing and writing songs mainly is where most of my feelings go unless I want to kill off a character or make a character hurt. LMAO 

Do you write for any other fandoms? 
I haven't posted anything aside from Twilight but like I said before I'm branching out and have a couple of different stories going for another fandom. 

Have you been published? If not, is it something you would like to do? 
I've never been published before, although I won a medal when I graduated eight grade for a fanfic I wrote, but I would love to be a published writer. I'm writing a book with a co author that I hope to publish one day. 

Can you tell us about your entry for the Drabble War? Title, pairing, are we going to need kleenex or fresh panties on hand? You know, the juicy stuff!
Title: Lost and Found 
Pairing: Paul/Rachel 
Category: Angst/Romance
Summary: Jacob Black destroyed my life when he took my first love away from me and got her killed. 
What will he do when fate takes hold of someone he loves dearly and hands her to me?

I'd warn you, not right now, but later on in later chapters you'll need umm a change of undies and maybe tissues. 

Pick up to three stories you’d like to recommend, you know, the ones that always tickle at the back of your head. 
The three stories I'd recommend are: 
You'll Be Mine by Speklez. This is a great Bella/Demetri story.
You Are My Sunshine by Artemis Leaena. I don't read much Edward and Bella but this one is wonderful and be warned you'll need tissues it's very heart breaking.
Beautiful Savage by readingmama. Another interesting B/E fic that I'm sure many will like!

What's your guiltiest pleasure? 
My guiltiest pleasure is writing 

Do you know anyone famous? Who? 
I don't know anyone famous though I wish I did...don't we all? 

How much wood would a woodchuck chuck? 
If a woodchuck could chuck wood

Thanks for Cloermarrie for answering our questions and for doing the Drabble Wars Challenge. Don't forget to check out Lost and Found!

Till next time,

~Drabble Wars Administrators

Important Side Note: This post should have been up on Saturday Sept 29th, 2013. Unfortunately, blogger has been down for our blog master Mina and was just now able to upload the note. Our sincerest apologies to Cloemarrie and our readers.


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