Friday, July 12, 2013


Dear Drabble Lovers,

It is with with a heavy heart that we announce that due to the decreased interest the Drabble Wars are sparking, we are putting them ON HOLD for a few months.

We only have one warrior for this month and we love you for it, Wants2BeACullen  since your story might be the last drabble to be posted here for some time.

Bella's two best friends decide she has been lonely for too long and she needs to put herself out there. The three set up a profile and unleash Bella on the eligible bachelors of Seattle.
Rated M - Humor/Romance - Bella & Edward

If we see renewed interest in the DW, we'll be here for you. The sign-up sheets are up there for the whole year; but if we don't have at least 6 authors for each month, it won't launch.

Nevertheless, we will still be accepting members in the Facebook Group, and if you have a question for any of us, you can reach us through the blog by commenting below, or tagging our names in a wall post on the group.

All the stories can still be found at the DW Community in and here on the blog. If for some reason one of the links here on the blog don't work, contact us immediately and Mina, who is the blog master, will fix it as soon as she can.

SPREAD THE WORD about these amazing stories. If more people knew about them we could bring the DW back to its shining self.

It has been our absolute pleasure hosting and writing and reading alongside so many talented people.

Ana Futtersby, Micaela Narnianicsunite & Mina Rivera
Drabble Wars Administrators.


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