July 14th 2012

The Second Elizabeth by Nocturnal Emmissions

Summary: Prequel to Involuntary Rapture. The story of Bella's grandmother's training to be the perfect breeder for the Mason family.


Better the Enemy You Know by Nicia

Summary: It was just one quick game of poker between our owner and a potential new… client. It’s a game for territory, winner takes all. But the stakes were so much higher than either of us could imagine. Even if our owner won, there would be a devastating price to pay. For me, it was freedom. For Adrian, it meant his life.


Rebound Chick by Lolo84

Summary: When Edward gets left by his soon to be fiance'- he goes out with one thing in mind. The plan is simple, and his intentions are clear, he's not looking for love. But as you know, sometimes it only takes one weekend, one week, and one person for everything to change. E/B Romance/Humor


Broken Road by Bec Rose

Summary: Bella, just starting college, begins a relationship with Jacob. He becomes possessive and eventually abusive. Bella struggles to find herself and right her life. Prequel to Light at the End of a Broken Road.


Vermilion by ForWhenImGone

Summary: She was on a mission to escape disaster but only seemed to create it. He was cocksure, single and didn't want it any other way until one catastrophic night, she set his world ablaze.


Catch Me by Twiddler83

Summary: A cat and mouse game was always Edward and Bella's life together. What happens when that game finally ends and he's left with nothing. What happens when one little phrase comes back to remind him of the life he once lived. Can Edward catch Bella this time?
ExB Rated M Drama/Romance/Angst


Out Of Sync by TwiLighT7242

Summary: Edward and Bella's bond was ideal - the kind of relationship lovers want to have. But what started off as a strong one fell out of place. How did they become so out of sync?


Defining Facts, Theories, and Dogmas by TwiLighT7242

Summary: A couple months have passed, and Convertedward and Convertella are living in sin with their new life ahead of them. But why aren't they telling their parents yet? And who is Mallory? Will she become the linchpin of the relationship or the cause of barrier between them? Sequel to Emmett's Theory


He had us at Hello by MonaRider

Summary: A cheesy romance set amongst apocalyptia.


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