Monday, October 15, 2012

Halloween H2O ~ Prompt Challenge #7

October Drabble Prompt Challenge theme:  Halloween H2O

20 pictures--choose as many as you’d like
20 songs-- pick one to use in some way … be creative
20 words-- at least one must be in your title
Then go to the Drabble War Forum on Facebook and sign up on the Prompt Challenge doc...

SONGS (20)
Bobby 'Boris' Pickett & the Cryptkickers ~ Monster Mash
Purple People Eater
Original GhostBusters Theme Song
Michael Jackson ~ Thriller
Type O Negative ~ Halloween In Heaven
Dark Lotus ~ The Walls
The Charlie Daniels Band ~ The Devil Went Down to Georgia
The Addams Family Theme Song
X Files Theme Song
Marilyn Manson ~ This Is Halloween
Blue Oyster Cult ~ Don't Fear the Reaper
The Cranberries ~ Zombie
The Ramones ~ Pet Sematary
Eagles ~ Witchy Woman
Rob Zombie ~ House of 1000 Corpses
Warren Zevon ~ Werewolves of London
100 Monkeys ~ Keep Awake
Oingo Boingo ~ It's a Dead Man's Party
Taco ~ Puttin' on the Ritz
Steve Miller Band ~ Abracadabra

WORDS (20)
Horny (Devil) hehe
Trick or Treat
Witching hour

Friday, October 12, 2012

October Author QotD ~ Friday

Well, today is the day!  Chances are, our authors started posting last night, so be sure to head over and read read read!  Be sure to leave them some love... and remember the golden rule, if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.  These authors are providing FREE entertainment for you... appreciate it!  For our final question, seeing as it is October, it was only fitting to ask...What is your favorite Halloween costume that you’ve worn?

Sadly we don't celebrate Halloween where I live...

I would go with something horror related, a really well made zombie outfit or the bride of Frankenstein, *scratches head* yeah I don’t know...

My favourite ever Halloween costume was one my Dad made me when I was about 8. He made me into a television with a massive cardboard box and with some paper mache he made a vase and  flowers and that's where my head came out of. I won first prize in a comp with that.

Growing up, I wasn't allowed to dress up for Halloween. So I don't really have a favorite Halloween costume.

Thought I looked fantastic in a witches costume I'd made until my aunties cat wanted to attack my wild scary hair. It was jumping in my hair & fighting with it when I was sat on her sofa.

Well we don´t celebrate Halloween in Mexico so... I´d love to be Snow White

Happy Drabbling!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

October Author QotD ~ Thursday

You are going to be left on a desert island for one year with no contact to the outside world. You are allowed to bring 3 things. What would they be, and why?

Christina, Nicia and Hannah! They will be able to keep me entertained for a whole year.

I would bring Speklez so she had to suffer with me and keep me entertained. Plant seeds for the obvious, I will grow my things and a really big sharp knife so I can make things too and shelter and a spear to catch fish.

1. A years supply of Chocolate, because if I didn't have my daily fix then I would wreck my new home due to withdrawals
2. A photo of my 3 daughters, to remind me why I wanted to go to the damn island in the first place, which was to go for a pee without being disturbed!!

3. Suncream, because being a freckly Scot, I would just burn to a crisp.

I would bring a Kristan Higgins books, because I could read her stories over and over again and it would help take my mind away from things. I would also bring a tent for shelter, since I am horrible at building things without directions, and a sharp knife so I would be able to hunt for food and hopefully protect myself. 


Robert Pattinson, his wardrobe from all his films (who wouldn't want a little role-playing with him), and a huge house with everything in it (including piano & guitars) because I don't like the sun – I burn within minutes! (yeah, that's the only reason ;))

a luggage full of books, a boytoy and a toothbrush

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

October Author QotD ~ Wednesday

Hump day recommendations... here’s what your authors like to read:


Okay I rec’d Waterfall Beginnings by Bell 1
and then Speklez on
Insecurities by JamesRamsey
Torn by Dooba
Bribie by WiddleWolbat
Panta Rhei by erythra-selena

I just love angst, in fact the more angst the better, this is one of my favourites,  Tattoos Like Mile Markers by Casket4mytears and a few WIP's that have me hooked Wisp by Cris and the forth instalment of the Angel series, Haunted Angel by Drotuno

There Will Be Blood and There Will Be Freedom by Johnnyboy7, Original Sin by mystique-jewled, and You Came Too Early by Elliania

Thought I'd go for a mixture of fics –
A vamp fic: Dead Confederates by Goldenmeadow because I've never laughed so much in my life & the lemons are sexy as hell even when stupid stuff happens (which is often lol)
A fic brilliantly written full of twists which I can't praise enough: There Will Be Blood by johnnyboy7.
A WIP which has unexpectedly gripped me & will never let go. I've fallen in love with this fic & it shocks me when I start a chapter how easily you slip into reading the old wild-west style language. The voice actually is that way in your head. Bringing Bella Home by counselor has the most unique Edward ever.

Pocket Change, Clipped Wings and Inked Armor (no longer on FF) and Fatherhood Formula and Other F Words.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

October Author QotD ~ Tuesday

Because I like to ask completely random questions, here’s what I hit up our writers with today:  What do you think of garden gnomes? 

Are we talking about regular muggle gnomes or Harry Potter gnomes? Either way they freak me out! 

Those evil little miniature human like statues? Those things creepe me out, standing in the garden with their eyes… those eyes that like to follow you *winces* 

It’s like a horror movie, no. I woke up one morning with nearly 100 gnomes in my room painted like they just walked off out of a horror movie… My brothers are dedicated to their pranks, but no *shivers* it’s like When The Garden Gnome’s Attack.

Gnomes I can live with, yes they're a wee bit freaky with their little hats and fishing rods, but liveable. Now garden statues, like angels with no faces or big ugly lions....they're a big no for me....frankly the no eyes thing  just scares me.

I am so freaked out over garden gnomes. I don't know why anyone likes them. I always feel like they are watching me when I pass by them.

Weird, but great for scaring kids – a friend told his kids if they didn't behave the gnomes came alive & got the naughty kids. It shocked me how well that worked.

I don´t have gnomes in my place but they are cute 

Monday, October 8, 2012

October Author Question of the Day~ Monday

Howdy and hello drabble readers!  Can you believe it’s that time again already? That’s right, stock up on your favorite tea and coffee and make sure your snuggle blankets are clean... the October Drabble War is coming!  We’ll be sharing one author interview question each day leading up to Friday so that you can get to know the lovely ladies writing for you.  To start us off, lets find out what each writer has in store:


  • Title: Leap Of Faith
  • Pairing:Tony Stark/ Natasha Romanoff (The Avengers)
  • Summary: They never talk as they get dressed. She tries hard to convince herself that it’s nothing more than stress relief, that her heart doesn’t skip a beat every time his lips touch her skin.
  • Profile link where you will post: littleangrykitten on
  • Banner:

Title:  Sell me your Soul at the Crossroads
Pairing: Jasper/Bella
Summary:  Jasper and Bella, demon mates who take pleasure in taking souls. Alice and Edward, both young and struggling since Carlisle died, B and J play a game to lure them in for their soul their father made they find themselves at a crossroad... Will they sell their soul?
Profile link where you will post: WhiteWolfLegend on


  • Title: Picking Up The Pieces
  • Pairing: Edward & Bella
  • Summary: A story of mistakes, miscommunication, anger and hurt. Can Edward and Bella pick up the pieces of their tattered marriage, or is it time to stop living in denial and walk away?
  • Profile link where you will post:  angelaluvsfanfic on
  • Banner: My lovely banner was created by my Laydee, Mona Rider

Title: The Swan Escape
Pairing: Edward/Bella
Summary: Every year since I could remember, we had been going on the Swan Escapes. A great weekend getaway with the family. Except this year I was bringing my husband, and my family seems to be obsessed with our sex life.
Profile link where you will post:  ADADancer on
Banner made by Ellie Wolf:


Title: Slip of the Tongue
Pairing: Edward & Bella
Summary: Bella comes home from a drunken night out feeling extremely horny. She hasn't had sex with her fiancé for weeks and tonight she was getting that 'O' no matter what.
Profile link where you will post: sleeptalker1 on
Banner made by Arc Morpheus:


Title: Second chances
Pairing: ExB
After the tragedy that lead to the end of her relationship, Bella is not only brokenhearted but also unsure of her worth. Could the new Teacher in her school be the one that will help her believe in herself again?

Profile link where you will post: MaritaMtzC on
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