LUCKY Prompt


Lucky Shot by TrueEnglishRose

Summary: "Have you ever imagined something so beautiful, so enchanting that it must be a dream or a mirage?" Take a gaggle of small town gossips, the doctor's son, the mysterious new single mom, add in a lucky shot with a BB gun and watch what unfolds.


His Lucky Green Eyes by Twilightmum69

Summary: Jasper is running from a bad break up under the guise of learning his roots in Ireland. Perhaps with a bit o' magic and luck o' the Irish, a chance encounter in a mysterious pub will mend his heart. Or destroy it beyond repair. E/J Slash.


Pressing My Luck by Shahula

Summary: Bella faces fierce competition to be crowned Ink God. Her biggest rival is the man who taught her everything about ink, not to mention love. With a lot of talent and a little luck, Bella thinks she can win it all, including Edward’s heart.


The Lucky One by CullensTwiMistress

Summary: Edward had always been lucky in life. Lucky in his climb to the top, lucky in his family life, lucky in every endeavor, really. Enter unlucky-in-everything Bella, will she be the one to break his spree? AH, BxE, rated M for l&l.


With Any Luck by Lost Twi Sisters


Summary: Every year Edward and Bella hope to meet the love of their lives, but every year love eludes them. With any luck, this will be the year that they find each other and discover that love was always right in front of them. AH, B & E. rated M


Ten days and a little... luck by Nicia

Summary: In some ways, being attacked and left for dead was a stroke of luck. Without it, I don't know where I'd be right now. But I do know, that I wouldn't have him - Dimitri. My soul mate. My lover. Rated M for dark themes and eventual lemons. HEA, of course!


Today Is Your Lucky Day by Twiddler83

Summary: You have everything going for you but when you have no one special to share them with, you realize what you're missing. The one person you've wanted to share it with has always been taken. Until one day things turn around. AH ExB HEA Rated M EPOV


Luck o' the Irish by Layne Faire

Summary: Emmett McCarty owns one of the most popular Irish watering holes on Chicago’s South Side and serial dates the most beautiful women in town. He carries a four leaf clover in his pocket, a horseshoe hangs over his door, but he doesn’t believe in fae – until their King arrives to enchant him. SLASH Emmett/Edward


And With Luck Comes A Kiss by TwiLighT_7242

Summary: It's now Senior year in Forks High. Not-so-smart, potty mouth Bella thought that after so many years of crushing on hot introvert Edward, she should grab the chance to tell her feelings for him. But what if he ignores her? "You can do it, Bella. It's now or never." "OH, FUCK IT. JUST HAND HIM THE DAMN LETTER." AH HEA B/E RATED M


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