Monday, July 16, 2012

Prompt Challenge #5

In a nutshell, here's your challenge:
***Pick one of the 28 DYAC images we’ve provided below and in the FB Group*** Please reference the image # that you are basing your drabble off of in your opening author's note. Should you accept the challenge, you have from now until July 27th to write your drabble... and as this is a prompt challenge, the 1 day posting rule is in effect. Your drabble should be posted in it's entirety by the end of July 28th! Also, because this is a challenge, there is no limit to number of authors signing up... no interviews or author group will be done for this. Just have fun, select your DYAC and make us laugh on the 28th!


Friday, July 13, 2012

Author Interview with Mona Rider!

R-Hey Mona! Welcome readers, it’s almost time for another month of word wars.  Starting us off this month is the fabulous Mona Rider... and we’re starting with her because we actually owe her two interviews as she so graciously stepped up last month at the last minute to fill an empty slot.

M- *waves* Hi! *giddy and red as a tomato*

J - Hey Mona!

R- Everyone have their coffee, or beverage of choice, and ready to start?

M- Chai Latte on the way... so love them things called husbands. But for now I have my green tea in hand and ready.

R- I’ve got my raspberry chocolate truffle coffee refilled :)

J - Am I the only one who is still half asleep cuz i didn’t get any coffee at all this morning... lol

M- *rubs eye boogies*

J - *phew* as long as you two are half sleeping too... we should be set... :) Are you ready to get this questions started?

M- *shifty*

J- *snickers* Rachel... we’ve got a live one... you might have to tackle her...

R- Um, I think she might like it... especially if I bring knives and rope...

J- *coughs* I have some rope in my closet... *snickers* I bet I can find a knife---- okay... nevermind.

M- Rope in the closet hmmm? Whatcha been up to?

R- Do you really want to know?

M- I’m a nosy bitch... whatcha expect?

R- But.. wait... WE’RE supposed to be the nosy bitches!

J - *bwahahaha*... on that note...

In an attempt to streamline these a little more, we’re going to get the “writing” questions out of the way first... So, inquiring minds want to know: What was the first thing you wrote and when?

M- *curls up lip* Jasper and the Cheating Wife. I wrote it back in 2010 I believe and it was more like a poem than a story and just so you know its not up any longer. *sticks tongue out*

R- Dammit... why must you foil me?! *giggles*  And if it’s Jasper, shouldn’t it be UP all the time?

M- He is an idiot, he cheated and has a guilty conscious (this word sux) So yeah he is always up just not always with the wifey!

RGGASDZVX  (R-B joining us? hehe)
J- He is... and with fucking caps lock too... lol... Mona... meet my son... lol

M- *virtual wave* Why hello, I’m Mona and awesomeness!

R- That you are darlin’!  So, besides Twilight, do you write for any other fandoms?

M- No. I wish I did because then maybe I’d have other fandoms but I don’t know any others well enough to attempt it. *heavy sigh* This would be me writing harry potter haha... so not right on any level.

R- That’s understandable, I don’t either, with the exception of the one crossover I did with HP... and I don’t think it’s my best by a long shot... just cuz I don’t know those characters inside and out as you said.  So, while we’re on the topic of writing... Have you been published? If not, is it something you would like to do?

M- Honestly, no and no. Never been published and not all that interested in being so. I like this being my hobby and I don’t want to slave away my life for books that might never go anywhere when I can do my life and write. I have a moderate fan base and it makes me happy.

R- Very nicely said!  But just so you know, in my personal opinion, your story lines are so creative, that should you ever decide to try that path, I really don’t think you’d have books not going anywhere... lol!

M- *blushes and waits on J*

R- LOL... yep, you’ve probably noticed from previous interviews, her little one keeps her jumping!

M- If mine were awake I’d have the same problem. *fist pumps*

R- My 8 yr old is up... playing computer games and drinking V-8, so she’ll leave me alone... the boys, well, they’re teenagers, I’ll see them after lunch probably.

J - Okay... back... sorry... lol... Can you tell us about your entries for the Drabble War? Title, pairing, are we going to need kleenex or fresh panties on hand? You know, the juicy stuff!  Both of them please! We’re going to throw you a double Whammy... since we didn’t get a chance to pin you down last month... We want to know about your June entry... and also what you have in store for us for July.

M- Middle Ground was a Bella and Jasper as I do them often. Its set in the war ridden future and it sure is a journey for everyone readers and writer. I had a little over a week to write it and for the time constraint I think I did pretty damn well. Some had questions after reading but I made sure anything not answer got answered in review replies. I know this told you NOTHING but really why waste the story by telling everything about it? 

M- He had us at Hello - Is about a very cheesy romance set in apocalyptia. Anymore than that and I may give too much away. This will be an E/B and there may be occasional WTF moments and tissue needing cases.

R-  Well, I loved Middle Ground... it was very different and fun.  As for ‘He had us at Hello’, I can’t wait.. and you’ve still got a week to finish it, so you’ll be just fine!  Will you be posting on both sites again?

M- Yep! Just seems easy for everyone to read. 

J- And do you have a banner for ‘He had us at Hello’ yet that we can stick in here? They both sound great!

M- Middle ground banner was done by Ellie *Shamelessly shouts out* and the other was made by myself.

R- That’s so pretty! And no, not shameless at all... banner makers work hard to bring our stories to life... they definitely deserve the kudos!

J- Love the banner!! Love the color overlays... :)

R- And there goes Jess, analyzing and talking technical on me... hehe

M- It’s funny cause I said the same thing. I was gushing over it.

J- I wasn’t analyzing... I was admiring... lol... ;)

R- Well, you know your techie talk kinda turns me on darlin’ *winks*  Okay, since we’re giving shout outs... Mona, pick up to three stories you’d like to recommend, you know, the ones that always tickle at the back of your head.

J- *coughs* how dare you try and gloss right over the ‘turns you on’ comment and not give me a chance to tell you I do it on purpose... I know what you like baby... okay... nevermind... again. Back to you Mona!

M- (opens FF to rummage through alerts) Dusty, Expectations And Other Moving Pieces, and Baby I know I suck didnt add their names but these ones have me addicted like a crack fiend. 

R- Oh, I like her Jess... she does the link up work for us! *sips coffee*

** side note:  WHY did THIS come up when I Googled “crack fiend”? LMAO...

J- IKR! *kicks back and puts my feet up* Oh... you know what this means now Rachel? You know what it’s time for? *wiggles eyebrows*

R- I’ve heard about Dusty, the others I haven’t, guess I’m adding even more to my list...*sighs*  And yes, Jess, it’s time to get SILLY!  Ya ready for it Mona?

M- *wiggles* Look my tail is wagging!

J- Now for the good stuff, some silly fun to let us, and your readers, get to really know the person behind the penname... (Yay! the clipboard worked this time *fist pumps*)

R- Ya know, Mona, you make a cute little puppy... *ponders plot bunny*

M- Puppy play? *shakes images away*

J- Um... lol... *looks at my dog and shakes head* not even going there... just no... I need to change the subject now... lol... What’s your relationship status and do you have any kiddos?

M- I’m happily married to my beast and I have two monsters. Princess and Buddy. I want a refund but the hospital wouldn’t take them back. Sadly they’re too big to be shoved back home!

R- OUCH!  (who’s shaking images away now)  What kind of monsters are they?  And do you foresee any of the 2 legged variety in your future?

M- Princess is of course a girl... she is 6.  Buddy a boy and he is 3... (damn whata mom I am forgetting ages) I may foresee more but for now my uterus is a no fly zone!

R-- LOL... I mix my kid’s names up, so don’t feel bad!  No fly zone... love it!  Okay, since you’re kid free for the moment, I’m really interested in how you’ll answer our next one...   What would your first thought be if you had learnt that you won a lottery?

M- Vegas!

R- Haha... you’d go gamble it all away?

M- No gambling... I don’t gamble, ever! More PARTAY time then anything. Then I’d sit down and be all responsible for 5.2 seconds.

R- *snickers*  yeah, where’s the fun in being responsible?

M- To own something... that feeling is seriously the best!

R- Gandhi moment ****** Okay, back to the goofiness...How would you react if you were transformed into a fish?

M- Swimming... swimming. What size would my brain be? Would I even have a reaction?

J- What do we do... we swim, swim, swim... Ah ha ha ha hoooo.

R- PMSL... I guess it would depend on what kind of fish you turned into.  Goldfish have about 3 seconds of memory...sharks on the other hand... well, you’ve seen Jaws right?

M- *getting silly with Patrick* Man I’m hungry! *giggle* That would probably be me as a shark or... Nom Nom Nom die baby fishies I big I eat you!

R- OMG... you can’t say “I eat you” to me without me losing it!  *rolls on floor in hysterics*  Jess... move us along...

J- *bwahahaha* um... yea... next... *giggles* I’m skipping one... cuz I like this one better... lol... I always wanted to know... Who would win a battle between a ninja and a pirate?

M- Ninja ‘cause ninjas are cool and per my husband pirates are all... you know. Pirates are awesome but they hardly bathe if at all. BUMS on the ocean! Ninja’s can fly, stealth baby!
*gasps just saw image* ZOMBIES!!!!!

R- *gasps* I LOVE pirates!  Saw that pic and knew it was perfect for you!

M- Fuck everyone else ZOMBIES win! They infect everyone...  -done-

R- My kids are looking at me funny... I might be laughing too hard right now...

M- I said... Mine always look at me funny!

R- Nice!  Okay, I get the question Jess skipped in favor of the ninja question...What do you like to wear when you go to work?  Please tell us what matches blue hair best? ;)

M- I don't work... School on the other hand. Blue, anything, except clashing blues. When I had purple hair I wore either bright or neutral colors... Now if you want specifics, I dress different daily. Leggings, skirts and a blouse one day, jeans and a T the next. If I’m hormonal bitch... betta believe I’m sweat panting it up!

R- *high fives Mona*  Let’s hear it for the sweats! Have you tried bright red hair, I found I couldn’t wear half the stuff in my closet when I did...

M- Red washes out too quick...

R-  Ahh, okay... If you were a character from ‘Twilight,’ which one would you be and why?

M- Rosalie, because she is misunderstoodish... She is a bitch but she has reason to be. 

R- I have a soft spot for her, so I can follow your train of thought.  Alrighty Jess, how about you hit Mona with our last question...

J- Tell us three things about yourself that would surprise readers.

M- I am white as fuck, (cause the sun and I don’t get along) I actually don’t own a bunch of Twilight shit (only the guide, New Moon and Breaking Dawn), and I have lost 15 pounds. MWAUH!

R- Brilliant!  And congrats on the pound droppage!  It’s been a blast having you on our couch, and I know we’re all anxiously awaiting Soul Jumper next weekend!  Hope you had fun...

M- Oh I so did... And thanks for the awesome time. *waves bye as I am dragged off by the monsters*

J- Thanks for chatting with us Mona! And Thank you guys for reading!

Author Interview with TwiLighT7242 !

R- Hi everyone, we’re back with the final July interview. This time we have Aym Widda Vamps aka  TwiLighT7242 So, inquiring minds want to know: What was the first thing you wrote and when?

Aym- I think the first thing I ever wrote in terms of fanfiction was a Renesmee/Jacob story. Whaha! I wrote it mid-2010, and hadn’t updated it ever since xD It’s still posted on my FFn profile so if anybody wants to help me with it, just PM me. LOL

J- So clearly you write all different pairings, but do you write for any other fandoms?

Aym- Nope. I can never see myself doing that. Strictly TWILIGHT! *leans like a boss*

J- *snickers*

R- So Aym, have you been published? If not, is it something you would like to do?

Aym- No, I’ve never been, but, seriously, who doesn’t want to be published? I’d like to start with news articles and journalism, though. I want to experience the whole thing.

J- time to get down to business, can you tell us about your entry for the Drabble War? Title, pairing, are we going to need kleenex or fresh panties on hand? You know, the juicy stuff!

Aym- Well, I have two entries. One is Defining Facts, Theories, and Dogmas, and the other entry is called Out of Sync. Of course, both of them are Edward and Bella. LOL. Hmm... raping the kleenex box? No, I don’t think you have to. DFTD is a sequel for my April drabble entry, Emmett’s Theory, so maybe there will just be a hint of drama or angst (like I commonly do with my shit) but it’s shits and giggles and fluff all the way. Out of Sync, on the other hand,that’ll be a mix of emotions. *SPOILER ALERT* The story will start off as fluffy, hot, funny, and then eventually, it’ll be, ya know, angsty and drama-ish.

Out Of Sync

Summary: Edward and Bella's bond was ideal - the kind of relationship lovers want to have. But what started off as a strong one fell out of place. How did they become so out of sync?

Defining Facts, Theories, and Dogmas

Summary: A couple months have passed, and Convertedward and Convertella are living in sin with their new life ahead of them. But why aren't they telling their parents yet? And who is Mallory? Will she become the linchpin of the relationship or the cause of barrier between them? Sequel to Emmett's Theory

R- Looking forward to both of those, can you pick up to three stories you’d like to recommend, you know, the ones that always tickle at the back of your head.

Aym- Hmm... that’s sooo hard! I guess I like Texts From Last Night by EverythingIDo, Black by Kismetian, and Guide To Losing A Player In One Date by sleepyvalentina. You see, I rarely read a non-B and E fic, but I really love Carlisle and Esme’s love story in the third rec’d story.

J- Okay, so now for the good stuff, some silly fun to let us, and your readers, get to really know the person behind the penname...

R- First off, what’s your relationship status and do you have any kiddos?

Aym- Single. Don’t have any kiddos... yet. ;) I want to have some someday :D

J- What about this... what would your first thought be if you had learnt that you won a lottery?

Aym- Huh. First thought. Well, if I ever find out that I won the lottery, the first thought that’ll come into my mind is “Well, fuck.” or “Are you fucking kidding me?” LMAO! But if that’s not what this question is ask, then, my first thought is to buy so much shit and then give the rest to my parents. What? I’m a good girl! O:)

R- I’m going to steal Jess’ favorite question this time, how would you react if you were transformed into a fish?

Aym- Um... *scratches head* I dunno... I don’t think I can even react if I’m already transformed into a fish, though, just by envisioning myself as something like that... EWWW! I don’t like fishes, sooo... yeah... I’m kinda scared of them.. *shudders* Sorry fish-lovers. O:D

J- bwahahaha, that was def an original answer. So, moving on, what do you like to wear when you go to work?

Aym- Well, I’m not yet working, so... I can’t answer LOL Anyways, I wish to have a fudge ton of shoes when I start to work... and BAGS! Oh, oh, and make-up! LOL I don’t know how to put one on my face but I wish... in time... xD

J- So here’s the big question of the month... Who would win a battle between a ninja and a pirate?

Aym- Good question! LMAO Hmm... tough one... um, I’d go with none of the above because Edward Cullen will suddenly show up and bite them both. Ohohoho xD

R-  Nice!  And at least it wasn’t the damn ninjas again so it’s a huge win in my book!

J- bwahahaha and another original answer... I’d prolly have to agree tho, I’d like to see Edward show up and start biting people... well biting me at least!

R - Tell us three things about yourself that would surprise readers.

Aym- I’m younger than 20, I’m Asian and English is not my first language, and I have bad sense of humor in RL but I can somehow *snorts* express it better through writing.

J- And the last and final question... If you were a character from ‘Twilight,’ which one would you be and why?

Aym- Well, shit. If I ever become a character from Twilight, I’d either be Bella or Edward or Renesmee. This might come off as dramatic, but, screw you, I’d like to feel special for once. You know, like them, having the best of both worlds. *sighs and wipes virtual tear*

R- Another original answer, I like it!  And that wraps up our final interview for this month.  Hope everyone enjoys all the drabbles this weekend and we’ll be back next month for the next round...  the authors are already hard at work!

J- *waves bye* Thank you guys so much for reading... we’d really like to have some comments from you all on all the interviews... let us know what you think and we’ll see you next time!

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