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Author Interview with Layne Faire!

Rachel- Welcome back drabble fans! We’ve got a special guest on our interview couch today, can everyone please settle in with their laptops and tablets and such to welcome Layne Faire! *waves at Layne*

Layne- *winks* Hey y’all! I’ve never been interviewed before!

Rachel- *watches Jess’s cursor do weird things* Well, I hope you have fun... we don’t edit out anything so keep that in mind... you “say” it, it’s getting posted... LOL

Jess - I hit enter a shit ton of times... b/c I can’t stand it when someone is typing and I try to get a new line to type too and I can’t... so yea... #impatientbitch

Layne - Hmmmmmm *debates self-censorship*

Rachel- Where’s the fun in that?!

Jess - *snorts* censorship... ? *thinks about the previous interviews*... I don’t think you have anything to worry about Layne!

Layne- Duly Noted LOL

Rachel- OOOh... look at her being all proper on us... this may be a tough one for us to crack Jess!

Layne - Look I may be a perv, but I’m an intelligent one!

Rachel- Beauty and Brains... Love it!

Jess- Yep... our fav kind of Perv! ;)

Layne - Just makes the crazy stuff I come up with even more interesting ;-)

Rachel - Okay, we tend to get carried away easily *coughs* Tell us darlin’, where can all the lovely readers track you down?

Layne - Carried away? Wait, is Jasper or Emmett around here?

Rachel- No kidding! Did you SEE THOSE BICEPS?

Layne - OMG I know -- I “may” have drooled on my laptop! I am still up on, I’m slowly loading up to AO3 and TWCS, as well as FreeWriters & Readers and Freedom FanFiction Writers

Jess - Um... wow babe... you really get around... ;) j/k bb!

Layne - One can never get too much exposure, if you know what I mean.

Rachel- Why am I seeing naked boys on a beach in reaction to that comment?

Layne- Darlin, I take my naked boys wherever and whenever I can get them

Rachel- I’ll bet you do! I believe Jess has the first ‘official’ question for you...

Jess - Oh damn... does this mean we have to focus and be serious and all that shit... *pouts*... okay... here we go... When and what did you first write?

Layne- Sweetheart, I am RARELY serious - you’ve got the wrong gal for that! The first piece I wrote -- Well, its kind of complicated. I had a piece I - shall we say - acquired, called When the Spirit Moves that I am working on for an original novel. The first piece of fanfiction I wrote -- Was actually the prologue and first two chapters of One Night Alone. But I couldn’t get the nerve to post them, so they languished in obscurity in my files for almost five months. The first published piece I wrote was Dealing With the Pressure, an entry for the Spanking the Monkey Contest last summer. Read DWTP on TWCS here

Rachel- Well, I’m bad... I’m so far behind on reading most of your stuff... but what I HAVE read has knocked me outta my socks, so I can say with confidence that it’s a damn good thing you pulled it out of the files!

Layne - I love One Night Alone -- It has a lot of me in it.

Rachel- I think the really good stories always have a bit of the author of them ;)

Layne - so true. ONA is set in South Jersey/ Philadelphia -- which is where I spent all of my teens and early twenties. Jasper is a musician trying to break into the business, and I was heavily involved in the music scene in S. Jersey in the late 80s.

Rachel- That’s freakin’ cool!!

Layne - I have “groupie photos” LOL boxes of them. I saw bands like Cinderella, Britny Fox, and White Lion play on club stages

Rachel- *whispers* If you want to share any of those prior to posting this interview, we’ll add them in ;)

Layne - *whispers* let me see what I can scan into the computer later

Rachel- Sweet!

Layne - some of the bands I saw weren’t signed, or had short careers, but their vids are on youtube!

Rachel- LOL... one hit wonders!

Layne - so true-- the 80s rock scene was full of them, too -- good bands, just didn’t get the chance they needed or the publicity.

Rachel- Okay babe... first silly question for ya: What video games do you play?

Layne - Lets see -- On facebook -- Bingo Blitz LOL and Angry Birds, Hidden Chronicles with True English Rose, Bubble Safari Rock Band with the kidlets.

Jess - HELL YES!!.... for Angry Birds!! lol

Rachel- Wow... You’re the first to include “facebook” games in that question!

Layne- I live on facebook, LOL Mark set me up a cozy corner, I brought my own pillow and blanket.

Rachel- I had to let my farms die...and my bakery probably burned down. LOL

Layne - Yeah the farms are long gone!!!

Rachel- That’s fine... the narcoleptic pigs were a little scary... hehe. Ready for another question?

Layne - Oh I know! Sure!

Rachel- Tell us about your entry for the Drabble War... please ma’am. *sips on sweet tea and waits*

Layne - Well, That would be Transparent -- the story that has been trying to be written for six months now. LOL I started it for the April wars and had to withdraw, but its based off of a piece I wrote last year. Its Jasper and Peter. And right now, I haven’t nailed down a summary. But Jasper is an assertive businessman , knows what he wants, and always gets. Until Peter. A lot of pursuing, a lot of persuasion, and a lot of UST.

CLICK HERE to read

Rachel- Holy hell... you’re gonna kill us aren’t you? The banner is hot as sin!

Layne - these boys are sin. I have to thank Mina for my banner-- she makes me beautiful ones. such a sweet, wonderful person.

Rachel- Yes she is, I’ve got a couple done by her and love them. So, Jasper/Peter... hmmm... not a pairing I’ve seen a whole lot of... definitely looking forward to it b/c I love to push boundaries on couples!

Layne - I do, too. While I do love Jasper, with an inordinately unnatural passion, hot, sexy men in general are a turn on, and if they’re together -- all the better. I like to play with the pairings and I’ve tossed out couples that have made people go WHOA.

Rachel- *gulps* Peter Peter... why can’t you be a pussy eater?

Layne - beautiful, isn’t he? SIGH

Rachel - Yes he is!

Layne - His name is Jacey Elthalion -- he’s a male runway and print model.

Rachel - I think he’s the perfect segway to the next question *wiggles eyebrows* Ready Jess? You always like this one!

Layne - hmm, sounds interesting.

Jess - Haha... I do like this one... So... Layne... we’re ready for some dirt.... Tell us... What’s your most erotic fantasy?

Layne - my most erotic fantasy? hmmmm -- well, there’s this guy --

Rachel- *snorts* of course there is...

Rachel- hellloooo...

Layne- He’s entirely too young for me, Don’t much give a shit. But Oh a tag team with him and Jasper would be my idea of heaven - on every available surface in my house. Chocolate, whipped cream, fruit, restraints, blindfolds would ALL be involved

Rachel- Even the stools? hehe And don’t get me started on food!

Layne- I think my stools are a little bit sturdier, but I doubt they could manage all three of us!

Jess - *wipes drool*... yea, um.. he’s uh... yea...

Rachel- *glares at Jess...* Oh... there you are... did you get all your brown geese harvested? *giggles*

Layne - he would be the reason why I have a subscription to Corbin Fisher -- all in the name of research, of course.

Jess - haha... it’s your fault anyway... you two brought up the goddamn farms... and I was like hey I haven’t been on my farm for like two years... and I wanted to know if all my animals were dead... lol

Rachel- So, that’s how the Corbin Fisher works... I keep seeing the name and trying to Google free vids... cuz I’m cheap like that...LOL.

Layne - yeah, not gonna find many of those -- CF is hard on piracy.

Rachel- Score!! New spank material!!! *looks around* oops, did I say that out loud?

Layne - babe I’ve been separated four years -- its ALL spank material

Jess - Speaking of that I guess... you led us right into the next question... Relationship status? Kiddos?

Layne- separated, asshat won’t sign the papers. I have a bit of a moral dilemma with “cheating” so no relationship to speak of, except the fantasy ones with Connor and Jasper. Four heathens, ranging in age from almost 21 to 6, and a granddaughter. Oh, and one very obnoxious cat who thinks she’s human.

Rachel- Jiminy Cricket woman! How do you breathe?

Layne- Breathing is not a problem, sleeping on the other hand -- completely optional

Rachel- I’m getting too old for sleep to be

Layne- I’m older than you! LOL

Rachel- Ermm.... our tornado sirens just went off and it’s NOT drill time... so yeah, if I suddenly disappear... we’ll pick this up later...

Layne - sounds like a plan!

Rachel- So, to move us along before the yellow brick road appears before me... let’s see if your answer fits the majority or if it’s original... Which ancient place would you like to go?

Layne - Ancient Place? Like a time period? Or a monument kind of thing?

Rachel- Time travel would be original! LMAO... but we’ve been asking with the scope of a current place that can be visited that has history...

Layne- Oh there are a couple -- The French Quarter in New Orleans, the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, Greece and Rome, and Stonehenge.

Rachel- WOW! I like the way you think... Greece has been the most popular...

Layne- cause we all want to run into Toysper! But really, I love it for the cultural aspects. Ancient Greek and Roman society played such a huge role in EVERYTHING.

Rachel- LMAO... yes, Toysper seems to be a main cause. *Hail is now hitting my roof* But Greece/Rome is on my bucket list for the cultural aspects... I didn’t do 3 years of Latin in highschool because I wasn’t interested! And Stonehenge has my attention for the potential Wiccan aspects of it.

Layne- LOL too funny-- Four years of Latin, three years of German in high school. The stone circles, and fairy rings, fascinate me. I have an idea for a story.......

Rachel-YES!!! Have you read the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon?

Layne- Diana Gabaldon is a GENIUS!!! Lord John Grey, Jamie -- SWOON!!!!

Rachel- Be still my sassenach heart!

Layne- Every time a new one is coming out, I re-read all the others. Can’t get enough of that series. Her research is fabulous. Oh wow I love that picture!!!

Rachel- Have a sudden urge to go pull my set out to re-read.

Layne - I am missing a Lord John book-- need to get that one! I got hooked on them when I was pregnant with my second daughter. I devoured them, and they were my go to reading every time after-- great for bedrest!

Rachel-Not familiar with Lord John... Jess, are you gonna hop in here with us? LOL. *NOTE: My crazy family is outside the front door dancing in the hail*

Jess - Well... I would jump in... if I had any fucking clue... what you’ve been talking about... but since I don’t... I was just sitting here...

Layne - Oh Jess-- You need to read them, they are amazing!

Rachel- YES... go read... you won’t be sorry!

Layne- (whispers) I think I have the pdfs and you can convert on calibri I’ll check later.

And Lord John -- He’s in the books -- He is the gay officer that has the hots for Jamie, and marries Claire to protect her.

Rachel- Yes, but the way you were saying it... is there a spin off series just for him?

Layne- yes there is -- they are all novellas. Diana has them listed on her website.

Rachel- Cool... definitely looking into that! Okay, Jess, I’m super excited about the next question.... well, because I know the answer and it’s a first for us!

Jess - *whistles and twiddles thumbs* still no idea what you’re going on about... but yes tb... the next question is perfect for Layne... *rubs hands together*...

Layne - *looks around nervously* K Ladies, shoot . . .

Rachel- Yay! Do you want to get published (or are you already published) or do you just write FanFic for fun? *snickers*

Layne - LOL Well, I am working on getting published. I have three original stories I am writing. But I will still keep writing Fanfiction, too. I will probably finish book one of the Spirit Trilogy first.

Rachel- *taps foot* What about that gorgeous book cover you were sharing today?

Layne- Well, that’s the other side of my brain. They are separate entities. Laura’s first solo short story will hit the ebook racks next week. It was initially published as part of a compilation.

Rachel- I’m still stupid giddy excited for you!! Do you want to pimp that book here?

Layne - Thanks! Its a bit much to absorb still, and the compilation was published in January. Sure we can, but I don’t know that many of my ff readers will be as excited about that, since its not M/M LOL.

Rachel- Well I don’t know when we’ll have busymommy in the hot seat... so pimp away babe!

Layne- The book is called Smoky Rooms. Its a story of two very broken people who find each other when they are both at a crossroads in their lives. Over the course of three months they’ve danced around each other, until one night, they both decide to take a chance on starting over.

Rachel- I’m swooning already :) Sounds beautiful.

Layne -I won’t lie -- It did start out as a fanfiction. The original story was a one shot that kind of languished on busymommy’s profile for a year. When I was approached about expanding and publishing it, I decided to take a leap of faith. The original story was around 8k words, the final ended up coming in around 20K.

Rachel- Well, see, I don’t consider that a P2P... that’s an original expansion and fleshing out and totally okay. Hubs wants me to do the same with Slots...

Layne - It took a lot of work to rewrite it -- I spent 6 weeks on it, exclusively, but I’m really pleased with how it turned out. I adored the story and the characters when I first wrote them, so it was a definite labor of love to let them come to life and really tell us about themselves.

Rachel- You are our first published author in the hot seat so we can only applaud you! And wish you the best of luck in your future publishing endeavors.

Layne - *blushes* Thanks!

Jess - Yes... that’s fantastic... and the story sounds awesome!!

Rachel- Okay... back to silliness... Jess? *weather update... hail has stopped and sun is back out*

Jess - So... it’s time for Rachel and I to act like the truly nosey ladies you know and love and we wanna know... If we came to your home and looked in the refrigerator, what would we find?

Layne- Lots of eggs-- my favorite thing to eat. We literally bought a five dozen box last night and I will buy another in about a month. And pizza boxes, cause I spend so much time writing the kids get a lot of it. When I do cook, there usually isnt any leftovers.

Rachel- Eggs are great though, so much can be done with them! And you can never get enough pizza :) *giggles as Jess gets anal over the pics being perfect*

Jess - Don’t pick on me! I can’t help it.

Layne - oh exactly! I’m going to go pick up some pie crusts and make a few quiches to freeze. The kids and I both love them scrambled, with hot dogs and onions fried off and mixed in.

Rachel- Resourceful! That’s a different recipe... have never mixed eggs and hot dogs!

Layne- My grandfather used to make it all the time when I was a kid. Everyone I know that has tried it, loves it. Fry off sliced hot dogs and onions in butter, once they are golden, pour some eggs over top, scramble it all up and make lots of toast to go with it.

Rachel- I’ll think about trying it... I might add peppers...

Layne- my grandfather used scallions, but I just use whatever onions I have in the house at the time. I would do peppers, but the kids aren’t fond of them. And since its one of the few things they won’t eat, I don’’t push it.

Rachel- LOL, my kids can eat what I fix or go hungry. Okay, another random writing question...Do you write for any other Fandoms? Outside of original, of course...

Layne - well--- there’s nothing posted.

Rachel- Do I hear a ‘yet’?

Layne - you hear a “What the hell am I thinking?”

There are two docs that I play with on occasion. One is a Damon/Jasper crossover, the other is Drarry.

Rachel- Damon/Jasper I will be all over... sorry, but as open as I am... I can NOT wrap my head around Draco and Harry! It just doesn’t Hermione/Snape... sure. Hell, anyone besides Draco!

Layne- I can, when it looks like this! And Damon/Jasper -- OMG the potential there - and it is going to be pretty steamy.

Rachel-I’ll have to trust you... just... it’s Draco... lmao

Layne - someone else got me hooked on Drarry-- mostly cause I loved the pictures. So, for her I gave it a shot, and I've not regretted it.

Rachel- *claps hands* alrighty... moving on. Jess... next is your favorite one...*crosses fingers that it doesn’t turn into the clusterfuck it was with TrueEnglishRose and giggles*

Layne- uh oh! that sounds ominous.

Jess - hahah... Right?? *crosses fingers too*... okay Layne... you ready for the ‘big question’?

Layne - ready as I’ll ever be . . .

Rachel- Oh darlin’... you really shouldn’t have said that...

Jess - *snickers*... it’s only the most important question ever... here we go... *deep breath*.... How many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop?

Layne- well, I don’t bite . . . hard. But I lose count after so long, because honestly, the pleasure is in the doing, not the timing.

Rachel- GAH! Answered like a true Twi-h00r!! LMAO!

Layne- Was there any doubt?

Rachel- Not with you! But I have to razz on TER who actually asked “what the fuck is a tootsie pop?” hehe

Layne- Well, you know, maybe she prefers a different all day sucker for her licking pleasure. *TER is going to kill me!*

Jess - *snickers* I think she just only likes the ‘fizzy kind’... lmfao

Layne- I … well, you know, I prefer a good *cream*sicle myself

Rachel- Dear god ya’ll are killing me!!

Layne -Jess, don’t you mean “jizzy” kind?

Jess - *SMH*... wait til you read her interview... she made both tb and I go ‘what the fuck?’ and I have to say... that’s a feat with us two...


Layne - Look if I am going to have TER hunting me down, Im going to make it worth it! *makes note to send a gross of Tootsie pops to TER*

Rachel- hahahahahaha *pouts* and hubby turned me down when I asked to try her suggestion... *goes to planning board*

Layne - your hubs actually turned you down on something?? DAMN never thought I’d see that.

Rachel- IKR?! He said it’d be “too messy”!

Jess - ‘That’s what she said!’ … wait... I mean what I said... never thought I’d see the day tb’s hubs turned down one of her ideas...

Layne- pffftt nothing a little soap and water can’t fix.

Rachel- Well, I haven’t given up yet... I can be very persuasive when I WANT to be...

Layne -you know busymommy has this line in Fingers -- something about you can’t get clean from my kind of dirty . . .

Rachel- Okay, we need to pull back from the TMI ledge *snorts*

Layne- yeah uh huh … okay *rolls eyes*

Rachel- Okay babe, here’s your chance to share a couple of recs... please give me ones with working links and lets keep it to 3 or less...

Layne- number one is easy -- just wish it was updating right now ---- If on a Winter's Night by Touchstone 67

number two -- Sinner's Island by twistedfortwilight-- which I have the distinct honor of betaing.

number three-- toss up between Lessons Learned, TheThing About Falling, and TACIE -- cause I adore ALL of them! LL and TTAF are by mistyhaze420 and are both incredible for different reasons. TACIE is There's a crack in everything by bellemeer and is just OMG so good- -The story itself is just riveting. All of those fics I would drop anything for. As a matter of fact, I started Winter’s Night when it was at 17 chapters-- and if you haven’t read it-- the chapters are HUGE! I devoured them all in less than 48 hours -- I had it logged up on my phone and my laptop and literally read it EVERYWHERE. I couldn’t put it down. I think at that point it was pushing 250K.

Rachel- Damn girl... don’t act exuberant or Though I can vouch for LL and SI... love them both. Have the others on the ever growing TBR list.

Layne- sigh My TBR list will never be cleared.

Rachel- *whispers*... there might be a 3rd Boys in the works to turn them into a trilogy... hehe... speaking of never clearing your list.

Layne - OMG YES!!!! I love them so damn much!

Rachel- Okay... we’ve had a blast with you... and we have one final question... it’s a two parter where you get to let your imagination run wild...

Layne- *SNORT* just remember I stuck a Trekkie convention in a Twi fic and had George Takei hitting on Carlisle.

Rachel- Um, okay... second time today I’ve been left speechless... Jess, why don’t you ask her...

Layne- Jess must have gone to harvest her farms or plant her islands

Rachel- LOL, that’s what I’m thinking... okay, because I’m getting evil eye from the hubs for being on the computer so late... let’s wrap this up...
If a movie of your life was made, who would play you? And who would you want to be your costar?

Layne- really? My life is SOOO damn boring! hmmmmmmmm

Jess - nope... my kid doesn’t want to stay asleep... *grumbles*

Rachel- Not even... you don’t know what bored is...

Layne- hmmmmm well, if its my fantasy, I can pick whoever I want and mysteriously be thin and beautiful, right? I would actually want Kristin Cavallari and Joe Manginello would be my co-star

Rachel- Oooh... didn’t know you had a thing for werewolves!

Layne- just that one!

And there we have it ladies (and gentlemen if you’re reading)... the lovely, the verbose
Layne Cavallari-Manginello!

Layne - LOL I so wish!!

Rachel-It’s been a real pleasure Layne, thank you so much for coming and playing along with our insanity... we hope you had fun!

Layne- Thanks, y’all, for having me! It was a lot of fun and almost painless!

Rachel- Stay tuned this weekend to see how things work out in Transparent, along with all the other great drabbles we’re going to get the privilege of reading!

Jess - Yes! Thanks for chatting with us bb... looking forward to your entry!

Layne- perfect timing, my daughter just walked in with fudge - going to go indulge while I work on some boy secks!

Rachel- Nice!! And even nicer, we’ll leave you with a bonus pic of Mr. Layne...

Layne - he’s tastier than the damn fudge!

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